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Pitcher Partners has built its service offering around what clients want. Clients want comprehensive, independent investment advice from market experts with a knowledge and understanding of their complete business and financial situation and all of their investments.

Our Portfolio Management Service is a fully integrated advice, monitoring and administration service for an investment portfolio. Our disciplined approach includes risk profiling, economic analysis, asset risk and return modelling, asset allocation, portfolio construction, investment selection, investment monitoring and comprehensive investment reporting.  This approach is supported by regular client meetings, proactive advice between meetings and regular easy to understand updates and briefings.  
By working with Pitcher Partners, our private wealth clients, as well as our institutional clients are provided with an integrated service that meets their investment policy, governance and management needs.  Large and small clients have the comfort of retaining control and decision-making power while knowing that all day to day administration and monitoring is being undertaken by a dedicated professional and experienced team.  

Our portfolio management service

Our core Portfolio Management service comprises:

  • Operating a bank account for the portfolio/s - receiving all contributions, sales proceeds, dividends, interest, distributions, etc. and paying all purchases, transactions costs, taxes and fees, pensions etc. and undertaking regular reconciliations of the bank account
  • Administration of the portfolio as the registered address for all investments and provision of safe custody of all investment holdings and records
  • Pro-active management of "At Call" and term deposit accounts
  • Accurate recording of all transactions (including tax impacts) in easy to follow reporting formats designed to meet both investor and accounting needs
  • Comprehensive quarterly reporting - portfolio valuation, portfolio income and expenses, portfolio purchases and sales, portfolio performance, asset allocation and full bank statements
  • Read-only Internet access to monitor the portfolio/s
  • Quarterly economic and financial markets commentary and outlook
  • Quarterly reviews of the investment strategy to determine its continued relevance and appropriateness given changing circumstances
  • Quarterly analysis of the portfolio against benchmarks as well as analysis of each individual investment held
  • Priority allocations in new issues, floats and placements
  • Pro-active advice on all corporate actions - mergers and acquisitions, capital reconstructions, buybacks, rights issues, entitlements, etc.
  • Pro-active advice between reports identifying investment opportunities and risks that may arise
  • Unlimited access to advisors, together with regular meetings to facilitate the above in a disciplined fashion

You should note that the Portfolio Management Service is a non-discretionary service. We will never undertake any investment transaction or make any monetary transfer from a bank account without prior authorisation. 

You should also note that your portfolio/s will be totally portable should you wish to end your relationship with us. All investments are registered in your name/s and we do not typically use administrative platforms that lock you in to particular brokers or financial service providers.

Investment selection

Investment selections are rigorously researched by a full-time, six person, in-house research team before they are considered for authorisation by our in-house independent Investment Committee. 

Our investment selection process:

  • Reviews the available pool of >10,000 managed funds and >2,000 ASX listed securities
  • Researched by full-time, six person in-house research team
  • Uses specialist external research as required
  • Investments are authorised by in-house Investment Committee
  • Ensures in excess of 350 authorised investments are available to our clients

Investment implementation

Investment implementation is undertaken by our Advisory team on a daily basis and entails:

  • Use of our seven member Broker Panel
  • Discounted brokerage of 0.10% - 0.70% for clients
  • Access to deal flow - initial public offerings and placements
  • Access to mergers/acquisitions, purchase plans, etc
  • Staged implementation of strategy - entering the market slowly and systematically

Investment monitoring

Daily monitoring of the portfolio/s is made possible by the use of real time market data by our in-house team who access specialty external research as required and the resources of our Broker Panel. Investment monitoring entails:

  • Real time market data
  • Input from Broker Panel
  • Risk Management Guidelines
  • Daily, weekly and monthly reviews
  • Exceptions reporting
  • Face-to-face meetings with fund managers and market analysts
  • Quarterly re-balancing

Strategic financial planning advice

In conjunction with our Portfolio Management Service and the firm’s specialist consultants, Pitcher Partners Investment Services is able to provide strategic financial planning advice. This may include advice on debt management and cash flow planning, superannuation and estate planning.

These financial planning services involve the contribution of many specialists - financial planners, tax specialists, superannuation specialists, risk specialists and estate planning specialists. We are a fee based practice. Prior to us commencing any financial planning engagement we will scope the work that is required and provide you with an estimate of the fees that would be involved. 

Pitcher Partners Investment Services Pty Ltd | ABN 24 052 941 036 | AFS Licence No. 229887 | An Independent Investment Advisory Practice


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