Women of Pitcher Partners

By admin - March 7, 2018

In celebration of International Women's Day (IWD) 2018, we have placed the spotlight on the women of Pitcher Partners.

We are delighted to feature the profiles of 14 women from across the firm, who share insight into their career journeys with us.


Cheryl Mason

Manager, Audit | Pitcher Partners Brisbane

As I near my ten year work anniversary with Pitcher Partners, I reflect on my career journey and my personal achievements. I commenced my audit career as a graduate in South Africa and moved to Brisbane not long after. Pitcher Partners soon became my work family who supported me through the Chartered Accountant program in my earlier years and provided me the platform to develop my skills in becoming the auditor I am today. I have gained my experience working on clients from ASX 200 listed organisations to large privates and not-for-profits from various industries, providing different challenges and broadening my skillset.

My favourite part of my career is being in a position of influence where I can advise clients, be a mentor to staff and build a positive team, forming part of the wider firm and network.

The support I have received from my work colleagues, family and friends has been invaluable in building my career as a Mum of two young kids.  I do appreciate that today there is a place for women and women leaders in the work place as it has made me a better Mum through achieving my personal career goals.

A career in audit is challenging and rewarding at the same time. I look forward to where this journey will take me and I close in the words of Simon Sinek “The challenge of our unknown future is so much more exciting than the stories of our accomplished past”.

Angeline Wyatt

Events Coordinator | Pitcher Partners Sydney

Having previously worked for the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) team at Staples Rodway (member firm of Baker Tilly International) in my hometown of Auckland New Zealand, I decided to make the move across the ditch.

In 2013 I discarded my puffer jacket, jumped on a plane and took on a brief contract role in Perth. Right around the same time, I received a call from Pitcher Partners Sydney mentioning a spot for me working within the tax team as a personal assistant with the responsibility of coordinating the Critical Point Network (CPN). A challenge that sounded right up my alley.

As the years rolled by, the tax team evolved and Pitcher Partners Sydney grew, and then grew some more. As part of that evolution I moved into the Marketing team which has now been my home for the past four years. I work with a great team and fantastic clients. All things events, functions, seminars and sporting sponsorships are now my responsibility which keeps me on my toes with over 200 events to manage each year.

I love people and I want them to be happy and engaged in whatever it is they are doing. It’s the people component of events that I enjoy. Part of this passion has driven me to work reduced hours and give back to the community as a teacher in bible studies. I have been able to meet interesting and diverse people both at work and in the community. So much so, that I even lived a couple of years on the head waters to the Amazon River in the jungles of Ecuador in South America doing volunteer teaching work.

Maybe my tombstone should read “Life is too short to do something you don’t love”.

Natasya Nordin

Analyst, BA&A | Pitcher Partners Melbourne

Last April I was selected as one of the two International graduates to join Pitcher Partners. I had been working in auditing back home in Malaysia and by the time my visa came through, I arrived in Australia just one day before starting with Pitchers. The experience of being able to work in a foreign country has been huge for me and will remain a significant part of my life. I feel that it has increased my credibility as an employee which will be great to bring back home with me.

I enjoy Melbourne culture.  Everyone is very relaxed and there is a good balance between work and home. I feel grateful for being chosen to be a part of Pitcher Partners – people have been very welcoming, understanding and helpful.

A piece of advice that I would like to give to anyone welcoming employees from another country is to be very supportive and give them time to adapt and improve their pronunciation. Help them to understand your Australian slang; while “I’ll shout you a coffee” is a kind gesture, we don’t have this expression back home!

Lauren Hosie

Client Director, Private Business and Family Advisory | Pitcher Partners Sydney

I joined Pitcher Partners as a Senior Accountant in 2011. Over the past seven years, I have progressed to Client Director and have had the opportunity to work with a variety of clients across different industries and with different divisions within the firm. We have a wonderful team at Pitcher Partners and I have been fortunate to make some lifelong friends.

Pitcher Partners has supported my family circumstances over the past few years, as my husband who is in the Australian Defence Force was posted to the United States of America (USA) for two years. During this time I travelled to the USA several times, I also spent my maternity leave there after the birth of our daughter who is now 18 months old. I am appreciative of the support that is provided to me and the understanding that the firm has for work-life balance and family commitments.

One piece of advice I’d like to share, is - in the words of Oscar Wilde “Be yourself; everyone else is taken”.

Gules D’Orsi

Human Resources Manager | Pitcher Partners Adelaide

I have ten years generalist Human Resource experience predominately in Big 4 firms. I recently moved to Pitcher Partners searching for career growth and opportunities. Here at Pitcher Partners Adelaide we have a fantastic workplace culture, and something I value in a work place is diversity and inclusiveness.

I also really value the work-life balance that Pitcher Partners promotes as it allows me to enjoy my hobbies outside of work. When I am not working I enjoy cycling, ballet, horse riding and walking my dog Otis.

A stand out for me so far whilst being a part of the Pitcher Partners team is how much the firm values its people. I am very excited for the next phase of growth at Pitcher Partners and look forward to the challenges growth brings.

Rebekah Halls

Internal Communications Coordinator | Pitcher Partners Melbourne

In 2012 I joined Pitcher Partners as a temporary Receptionist and continued on a casual basis before being offered a full time position in the team. I remained on reception for a couple of years, during which I completed a graphic design course. Upon the completion of this course I set my sights on the marketing team, reaching out to the Marketing Director. Not long after expressing my interest in joining the marketing team, the Marketing Assistant role became available, which eventually lead to an Internal Communications role where I now sit.

In my role I get to engage with people in the Pitcher Partners community, to make sure that everyone knows where to find what they need, to make sure that everyone is comfortable about what’s going on and to get them excited about what’s going on in the firm. The best part about it is that I get to do all of this in a creative way, through design.

My favourite experience at the firm was when I approached the directors about wanting to run an internal campaign around mental health awareness for R U OK? Day. With their support behind me, I launched a campaign for every employee the opportunity to get a free ‘coffee and conversation card’, entitling them to a free coffee for them and a mate, provided they use the occasion to check in with one another and ask “are you ok?”. I am grateful for the opportunity to do work that I enjoy, on issues that matter to my personal values.

Based on my own experiences, the advice that I would give to others is to put yourself out there – if you’re interested in trying something new ask the question and give it a go.

Karen Levine

Director, Private Business and Family Advisory | Pitcher Partners Brisbane

As a fresh University of Queensland graduate 20-odd years ago, I set out to looking to join a Brisbane firm in a graduate role.  I found an affinity with the Queensland-based firm Johnston Rorke, entering their Business Services Division. “JR”, as it was affectionately known, joined the Pitcher Partners association in 2011.  Throughout the JR and Pitcher Partners years the firms have not only been my workplace, but also my second family; a great bunch of people working together with fantastic clients, genuinely enjoying what we do.

My role today as Director in the Private Business and Family Advisory team is fulfilling and challenging.  As a trusted advisor in the areas of taxation, accounting and commercial dealings to my vast array of clients, each day throws up a new set of issues, conversations and learning. 

Personally, I have been blessed with a great husband and two lovely girls aged ten and eight.  JR/Pitcher Partners was supportive during the “maternity” years, accommodating a part time role while the girls were little and then expanding back to full time as suited. The firm has allowed me to find a nice balance between family and work – something I think is key to career longevity, for women and men alike.

Linda Oliver

Senior Manager, Accounting and Business Advisory | Pitcher Partners Newcastle and Hunter

As well as being a proud mum of two very energetic little boys, aged three and five, I am also the treasurer at the not-for-profit preschool they attend. I love getting away for the weekend with my family and am looking forward to a bigger trip to the United States of America next year. Somewhere between all of this and my career, I make sure I take some time out to appreciate a good drop (or two) of wine.

I fell into my career as an accountant 13 years ago when my school careers advisor noted the subjects I was excelling in and suggested I study commerce. More importantly though, I was genuinely interested in learning more about how businesses and organisations work, so accounting was a great gateway to work with a variety of businesses.

Upon graduating, I started working at Pitcher Partners (then Farrow Wyatt) and since then, I have continually grown, learned and developed my career.

I like to go above and beyond for my clients and keep their perspective at the forefront of my work which has helped me create successful and long lasting client relationships. I love the wide variety of clients I get to work with and learn from each day at Pitcher Partners. I find it satisfying to be able to use my technical skills to help people grow their businesses.

I am very appreciative of the culture and flexibility offered by the firm which allows me to maintain a well-balanced and healthy work, life relationship.

My advice - positivity and a good attitude go a long way. Take opportunities as they present themselves.

Haley Minieri

Personal Assistant, Tax Consulting | Pitcher Partners Melbourne

I have worked in a range of Personal Assistant and Executive Assistant roles since I joined Pitcher Partners in 2011. I went on maternity leave in 2015 and was excited to return to work, starting with one day a week and then moving on to two days. A few months into returning to work I ran into a colleague who I’d previously worked with in Tax Consulting who was also just about to return from maternity leave, and we casually threw around the idea of coming back to a Personal Assistant position as a job share. We were eventually able to make this happen and admittedly, it was incredibly challenging and hectic, but I’m so glad that I took it on.

I’m grateful that my Partners at Pitcher Partners were so supportive of the idea. Their support meant that I had a good work-life balance that allowed me to return to work, which challenged my mind, and I could spend time at home with my daughter. I now work full time as a Personal Assistant and love being back at work where I am able to build my relationships in the workplace – having a baby has completely changed my life in so many ways. It’s given me more confidence in my work and taught me not to stress the small things.

One piece of advice that I would give to other new mums is that job sharing is exceptionally hard, but if you want to return to work and have that balance, if you’re willing to put in the work it can be great. We are career women, we take pride in our jobs and we want to continuously better ourselves. Returning to work via the job share arrangement allowed me to get back on my own feet and feel more like myself again after having my baby – it’s an amazing feeling which should never be underestimated.

Felicity Crimston

Director, Pitcher Pharmacy | Pitcher Partners Brisbane

I started a critical component of my career in joining the Pitcher Partners Pharmacy division (then JR Pharmacy) in 2008 after spending some time working with a global top tier accounting firm in Singapore. From the early stages of my tenure with Pitcher Partners Pharmacy, I relished the opportunity to work closely with my clients - predominantly pharmacists - in helping them to not only manage their books but more importantly to grow their business and achieve their goals and objectives which I have found very rewarding.

Certainly one of the highlights of my career was the opportunity to undertake a secondment in 2014 when I was privileged to spend three months working in the International tax division of Baker Tilly’s Beijing office in China. From a professional perspective, the experiences, skills and exposure that I gained during my time in Beijing were invaluable, while from a personal perspective, a particular highlight for me was spending time volunteering at a local foster home in a county just outside of Beijing. This was an eye-opening and thought-provoking experience as it provided an uncensored social perspective on China.  

In 2015 I was honoured to become a Director of the division and more recently I have returned to work on a part-time basis after taking six months maternity leave to have my first child. I am enjoying the challenge of the great balancing act that is family and work-life balance and I am grateful for the flexibility offered to working parents in our business. I am also enjoying being back working with my clients once again and look forward to the next opportunities and challenges that my career will bring.

Sophie Kemp

Client Director, Private Business and Family Advisory Group | Pitcher Partners Sydney

In 1972, as a young graduate, I applied for my first role with a Chartered Accountants firm. In those days, positions vacant were advertised in the newspaper and were separated into the ‘men’s section’ and the ‘women’s section’. With no professional accounting jobs being listed for women, I found myself applying for ‘men’s jobs’. Obtaining my first role in this environment was a challenge and I was the only woman on the professional staff working in the firm where I started. Once there, I worked hard and quickly proved my value.

I joined Pitcher Partners (then known at Young Barnsdall & Joye) as a Chartered Accountant in 1978, having just completed my professional year and recently married. I took a short career break in the 1980s when I had my two children, but returned to Pitcher Partners with the goal of balancing my young family and progressing my career.

40 years later, the profession has evolved and today there is a much better gender balance. 21st century organisations such as Pitcher Partners, provide flexible workplaces that encourage women and men to balance their families and their careers.

My advice to young women entering the profession now is, the world is your oyster. Set your sights high and don’t be afraid to aim for the top. Make sure you are always putting your best foot forward, exceed client expectations and advance through the ranks by keeping up to date with your professional development. Stay a step ahead and continue learning at every stage of your career.

Madeleine Jennings

Manager, Insolvency | Pitcher Partners Melbourne

In 2015, with 30 years of experience in insolvency under my belt, I made the move to Pitchers from a Big 4 firm. After a further two years in insolvency with Pitchers, I was given the opportunity to step away from the client-facing work, and move into a practice management role where I’ve enjoyed liaising with people at all levels and interacting with more people from within the firm. I have found this transition really good and have valued the great culture of the team that I am in. I love the close bond that our group seems to have – everyone works well together and has each others’ backs.

I am grateful for the work-life balance that I now have, which allows me to spend time with my family – my world. The flexibility offered to working mums now is much better than when I had had the first two of my children. I had to return to work when they were just four-to-six months old; as a necessity rather than a want, and there was no paid maternity leave back then. But what I found was that I enjoyed my return to the workforce as it provided me with more balance in my life. I was happy to go back to work part-time and have some adult interaction. Maternity leave became much easier and supportive by the time I had my third and fourth children.

A defining moment for me has been the level of engagement and proactivity demonstrated by the insolvency group partners in response to the results of the culture survey. Senior management ran focus groups and are now in the process of establishing and rolling out a set of core values for our team, which to me, shows a genuine care for the group’s development.

If there’s one piece of advice I’d like to share, it would be – embrace one another’s differences and make an effort to stand in each other’s shoes.

Lisa Tsoulakis

Manager | Pitcher Partners Adelaide

I have been a part of the Pitcher Partners Adelaide family since 2006. Throughout this time Pitcher Partners has supported me while transitioning from a full-time employee to part time. As a mother, it is sometimes hard to juggle my husband, three kids and work. I value the support and flexibility given as it enables me to spend time with my family as well as having my own career.

Throughout my eleven year career at Pitcher Partners, I have worked within the Business Services division progressing to my current role as Manager. As well as working at Pitcher Partners I also support women in business. I regularly attend networking events promoting women in business in particular Business Chicks.

A regular working week for me not only consists of coming into Pitcher Partners. I have my three boys Kristan, Ethan and Dion to look after (which can be a handful!) and I regularly volunteer at their school helping with cooking, excursions and reading. I also make time for myself, go to the gym and catch up friends.

As you can see I am a busy working mum and I value work supporting me to have the best of both worlds.

Krithika Hansen

Director, People Experience | Pitcher Partners Melbourne

I first joined Pitcher Partners in 2011, taking a break in 2014, before returning in 2016 as Head of Innovation, Collaboration and Development and now heading up People Experience, where I help our people build great careers. Throughout my career, I have worked for global organisations which allowed me to explore the world and live in various countries including England, Spain, and Singapore. Together with my husband and three children, we’ve made Melbourne our home.

My parents moved to America from India when I was young. I still have very strong ties to my Indian heritage. I strongly believe that education can play a vital role in developing countries. For many years now, I have financially assisted numerous students in India who aspire to go to university and get a tertiary education, but cannot afford to. They are clever students who are passionate about furthering their education and building careers to support their families so that they can one day bring their loved ones out of poverty.  On a recent trip to India, I met some of the students and spoke to them about what that education had meant to them which was such a meaningful experience for me. 

Through my local schools and churches, I have been connected to recent migrants from India to help them settle into life in Australia by offering support and guidance to the local culture and services. Over the past few years, I have had the privilege of connecting various families with one another and start their own little community here in Melbourne.

One of my favourite quotes is by Richard Branson - "When somebody offers you an amazing opportunity and you are not sure you can do it - say yes - and learn how to do it later". I feel like that is really how my life has panned out. I’ve been given some incredible opportunities growing up, throughout my career and my personal life and am grateful that I am able to share some of these amazing life lessons with my children.

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