Pitcher Partners' Rohini Kappadath A Voice For Small Business

By admin - February 10, 2016

Pitcher Partners is pleased to confirm that Rohini Kappadath, Director – Cross Border Business, has been appointed Chair of the Victorian Government’s Multicultural Business Ministerial Council.

Rohini Kappadath has a strong background in working with Australian and Indian companies to facilitate cross-border collaborations and mergers and acquisitions, across diverse sectors including media and entertainment, retail, information technology, education and logistics.

The Multicultural Business Ministerial Council will provide insights and ideas that contribute to the government’s overall aim of increasing cross-border trade and investment between Victorian companies and overseas markets.

Rohini Kappadath said that the Council’s establishment would give Victorian businesses greater opportunity and access to global markets.

“The establishment of the Council illustrates the commitment of the state government to ensuring that Victoria continues to grow and take advantage of global opportunities.

“Businesses established and built by migrants are the backbone of the Australian economy. The Ministerial council draws on the innovative capacity of Victoria’s multicultural business community, as well as opening up cross-border trade networks.”

Rohini Kappadath also highlighted the importance of drawing on existing multicultural business community links to allow Victoria better access to global supply networks.

“Australian businesses are in the process of being transformed by globalisation, and the importance of working across countries and cultures has never been more profound.

“Multicultural businesses here in Victoria have insights into doing business in global supply chain networks that will be invaluable for other Victorian companies looking to expand their operations. 

“That expansion is necessary to drive further economic growth here in Victoria.”

Pitcher Partners are proud to be recognised for our expertise in developing and facilitating cross-border business relationships. 

“These are exciting times for Pitcher Partners and for Victoria’s business community”, said Rohini Kappadath.

“There is a lot of opportunity that lies ahead, and with our strong history of migrant entrepreneurship and innovation, Victorian businesses are well-placed to take advantage of those opportunities.”

For more information please contact pitcher@pitcher.com.au 

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