A day in the life of a graduate | Charlene Lavaring

By admin - May 15, 2018

Graduates and analysts from across our national firm share insights into what it's like to commence your career at Pitcher Partners.

Charlene Lavaring

Position: Graduate
Division: Private Business and Family Advisory (PBFA)
Firm: Brisbane
Degree: Bachelor of Business (Accounting)
University: Queensland University of Technology

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5.00am | Constructive commute

I hear my alarm sound and relish a few minutes snoozing before my cat Harley insists I get up. This is followed by a coffee, breakfast and some chores around my apartment before getting ready for the day and heading off for the train. Here, I can usually fit in reading a few pages of a novel or getting ahead in some study for the Chartered Accountants program while on the train, and once arriving in the city, I catch-up with my team and grab a coffee. We usually trade stories about the best cafe spots we’ve recently visited around the city - can you tell we love coffee?

8.00am | Checking in

My day officially begins. I start by readings my emails and checking in with my supervisor about how I’m tracking to complete certain client jobs and tasks for the week. Working in the PBFA division can mean I have additional work come up during the week depending on the time of the year and client needs, so I always need to be organised and aware of my work flow.

8.15am | In the thick of it

As part of completing compliance work for a client, I analyse their Xero file before extracting necessary information to import into the firm's financial reporting software. From there, I create any necessary work papers and perform reconciliations for critical accounts. I finish off by preparing financial statements containing any adjustments needed, such as recording depreciation.

11.00am | All in the detail

I prepare a tax return based on the financial statements I have prepared and discuss any questions I have with the manager who oversees the client’s taxation affairs. After a call to the client, we have clarified some queries I had and made some further adjustments.

12.30pm | Refresh and reset

Lunchtime is spent catching up with fellow graduates in other divisions, especially the auditors when they are not out at client sites. Our firm's dining area ‘Brooksies’ is a popular spot to meet-up or when the weather isn’t too hot, we like to take a walk along the Brisbane River. A group of us from the PBFA division like to then head to a half hour yoga class where we have the opportunity to refresh and reset. Our instructor Jade’s classes always leave me feeling inspired and ready to tackle the rest of the day ahead of me.

1.30pm | Playing a part

As part of the firm’s Corporate Secretarial Team, I assist one of the partners in establishing a company for a client who wishes to commence a wholesaling business. I compile the information needed to submit to our firm’s lawyers to incorporate the company, along with preparing any forms to be submitted to ASIC.

3.30pm | Down to business

I continue to review some emails which have come in during the day and attend to anything urgent. Today it is preparing a Business Activity Statement for a new client in order to bring their lodgement obligations up to date.

5.00pm | Home time

It’s time to head home and either get stuck into some more study or catch-up with friends.

9.00pm | Winding down

After watching an episode or two on Netflix, I am off to bed in order to tackle whatever tomorrow brings!

A Day in the Life, originally published on GradAustralia.

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