Adelaide careers boom as the brain drain is reversed

By Jarrod Morris - January 10, 2020

Adelaide is enjoying a 15-year high in the amount of interstate migration as the appeal of the City of Churches increases. The Australian Bureau of Statistics reported that last year 25,453 Australians migrated to South Australia from other states – the highest number since 2004.

This spike is calling for many to observe that the so-called ‘brain drain’ that entices professionals away from South Australia to other cities is reversing.

There is hope that while young professionals may move away to skill up elsewhere, the attraction of Adelaide – for its quality of life, affordability and opportunities for a fast-tracked career – is bringing them back.

Pitcher Partners Adelaide’s Client Director Jarrod Morris was born and raised in Sydney, where he met his South Australian wife Jess.

When the couple first moved to Adelaide, Jarrod decided to retain his job on the east coast, taking more than 120 flights in two years. Eventually this high-flying lifestyle caught up to him, and he began to look for work in Adelaide.

“I was surprised to find there were roles and companies just as exciting as those available in Sydney or Melbourne,” he said. “There is a real energy about Adelaide now that excites with possibility.”

As Pitcher Partners Adelaide seeks to expand its offerings to include strategic advisory services, Jarrod brings a wealth of commercial experience and financial expertise from his work across several global companies.

He says he is excited by the state governments’ investment in innovation, science and tech precincts which are evidence of a thriving ecosystem.

Pitcher Partners were able to custom-build a new role for Jarrod as an Innovation & Technology lead.

“The firm is keen to leverage my experience in Sydney, where I was working in a high-growth environment, and my role is fluid enough to cater to the evolving requirements of businesses as they grow,” he explained.

Jarrod says the flexibility and trust he is afforded seems part and parcel of a community-first approach that is core to Pitcher Partners, and many middle market businesses in Adelaide.

While Jarrod found that the career opportunities in Adelaide are on par with Sydney, he says the lifestyle opportunities are far greater.

“I used to joke about Adelaide’s reputation of being a ’20-minute city’,” he said. “Now I walk to work in 20 minutes – that joke has become a reality.”

If both growing your career and a great lifestyle appeal to you, check out the opportunities available with Pitcher Partners Adelaide.

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