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Understanding the businesses driving Australia’s economy

Discover what drives middle-market business leaders and owners.

Running a business today is increasingly complex. Beyond providing a product or service, there’s many facets to manage a thriving operation including legal and compliance, financial management, marketing and business development, and IT requirements, not to mention developing and maintaining strong organisational culture.

Defining the middle market

Australia’s middle-market businesses produce around 25% of national revenue ($645b) and contribute one-fifth of the country’s net tax revenue. They typically employ between 20 and 200 people with an annual revenue between $2 million and $500 million. These metrics classify which businesses fit in this segment, but they aren’t what defines them. They are defined by their distinct attitude - a growth mindset that enables rapid adaptation to capitalise on new opportunities.

Australia's middle-market businesses...

Contribute revenue of
billion dollars
From $2m, up to
million dollars revenue annually
Typically employ from 20 to
percent of national total revenue

Understanding emotional wellbeing

Running a business can be rewarding, but also stressful with feelings of loneliness, frustration and uncertainty. Learn more about the common feelings and emotions of business leaders and owners, and how they relate to short- and longer-term business challenges.

Relentless evolution

Unlike the traditional notion of a business lifecycle, Australian middle-market businesses march to the beat of their own drum. Coined the looping lifecycle, growth lifecycles are continuous and ever evolving.

People are core

Attracting and retaining the right talent is one of the most challenging aspects of business - with the gravity of providing employment to so many often a heavy weight to carry due to complicated employment laws, remuneration structures, leadership challenges and interpersonal factors.

Being opportunity ready

Business and industry change. Whilst sometimes challenging, this presents opportunity for growth and improvement. Learn more about the top challenges and opportunities experienced by middle-market businesses, from start-up to mature-stage.

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Micro focus

Business leaders and owners demonstrate deep knowledge of their own business, industries and markets, considering micro factors to play a more significant role in the success and failures of their businesses. Research revealed 40% of mid-market operators believed consumer preference was among the most impactful factors on their business prior to COVID-19.

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Macro focus

Knowing your business and industry is critical, but it’s important to keep an eye on the macro environment too. Learn more about the impact of COVID-19 on Australian middle market businesses.

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About this research

The Pitcher Partners Business Radar: Understanding the businesses that drive Australia’s economy report is an independent research report conducted with strategic growth consultancy Forethought. The research canvasses over 400 businesses using both quantitative and qualitative research to further understand the mindset and unique challenges of businesses in the middle market. It also incorporates additional research in relation to impacts from COVID-19 on middle-market businesses and how this relates to initial findings.