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Franchise Consulting

Do you have a healthy business gaining an increasingly loyal, and ever growing number of customers? Would you like to grow and expand your business by opening in more locations? Perhaps you’ve even had people approach you asking if you have franchises available?

Pitcher Partners offers a broad range of services to help business owners grow and expand their business through franchising, to help existing franchisors improve the standards and performance across their network, and to help franchisees improve the performance of their business.

Whatever your reasons for considering franchising, you:

  1. are building the foundations that ensure your business is better and more successful than anyone else’s
  2. are in business to make money and you need confidence that franchising will enable you to do that
  3. recognise much of your success to date comes from the culture you have created and you want that culture to be synonymous with your brand
  4. want your brand and business value to grow by recruiting only the best quality franchisees
  5. need franchisees to follow your existing processes and to develop with you as those processes change and improve
  6. need strong and thorough implementation of the franchise business model.

All of the above elements are critical in building a successful franchise business.  Pitcher Partners understands the needs of businesses and their owners throughout their life-cycle from establishment, through growth and expansion (local, interstate, international) to succession planning and exit strategies.  We have worked with numerous franchisors from start-ups to some of the country’s largest networks and best known brands in both developing franchise business models and improving the business’s performance.  We undertand you don’t just want to build a franchise business model, but that you want to build a great franchise business that accumulates value.

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Rob Southwell

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Managing Partner and Partner – Private Business and Family Advisory

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Managing Partner and Executive Director/Partner- Business Advisory and Assurance

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Nigel Fischer

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Managing Partner - Private Business and Family Advisory

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Michael Minter

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Managing Partner

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Leon Mok

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Managing Director

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Tom Verco

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Managing Principal - Private Business and Family Advisory

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