VIC State Budget 2017-18 | Family Violence Initiatives

By Craig Whatman - May 2, 2017

The Andrews Government has reiterated its commitment to address family violence and provide both preventative measures and support services for those affected.

The government has committed $1.9bn to deliver on its promise to implement every Royal Commission recommendation, as announced in the government’s 10-year strategy in November 2016. The underlying focus of the investment is to protect victims and survivors, hold perpetrators to account, and help change community attitudes.

Key initiatives include:

  • Reforms to the family violence information sharing system
  • Reforms to the Court Integrated Services Program (CISP) and CISP Remand Outreach Pilot to increase monitoring, treatment and supervision of offenders on bail to address the underlying causes of offending and reduce reoffenders
  • Establishing support and safety hubs in 17 areas to act as access points for victims and provide support services
  • A range of prevention measures, including a dedicated prevention agency and continuing to encourage universal attitude and behaviour change
  • Strengthening the response of Victoria’s legal system to family violence and child protection including a new case management system for courts
  • Strengthening support for vulnerable children and providing specialist support for family violence victims
  • Providing an additional 110 public housing properties to victim survivors and their children
  • Additional funding to public hospitals to build capability to respond to victims
  • More support for indigenous Victorians at risk of family violence

What it means for you

The government’s initiatives will be welcomed by those operating in the care services, social housing and building and construction industries, who should look forward to working with the government to implement the proposed initiatives.

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