HR Considerations For The Healthcare Sector

March 21, 2016

Leaders within the Healthcare sector which are passionate about their HR practices should be given easy access to experienced HR industry experts via virtual and/or onsite means in a way that works best for them

What is HR?

Pitcher Partners believes that ‘HR’ relates to anything and everything that occurs within the ‘employee lifecycle’ of an individual.

What is the employee lifecycle? 

The journey that occurs for an employee from their very first interaction of the initial recruitment process, right through to the last interaction they have with your organisation at the time of exit, whether that be through termination, resignation or redundancy. The HR opportunity is to ensure that each stage of the employee lifecycle is managed in the most efficient, valuable and meaningful way possible, using best practice HR techniques.

Changes to the workplace legislative landscape

The workplace legislative landscape has changed so significantly over the last decade that forward-thinking organisations can no longer ignore the importance of broader and more comprehensive HR processes for their business.

How can the Healthcare sector benefit from HR? 

Having assisted numerous organisations within the Healthcare sector to review and strengthen their HR processes for future success, Pitcher Partners believes that leaders within the Healthcare sector which are passionate about their HR practices should be given easy access to experienced HR industry experts via virtual and/or onsite means in a way that works best for them. This offers a revolutionary, new age alternative to the traditional HR approach, as it results in leaders receiving HR support, advice and guidance as and when they need it most. 

How can your organisation benefit from these “HR department” services? 

Why not have access to HR services, as and when you need them via fully outsourced means. Just as you would utilize a Lawyer, Accountant, Doctor, Insurance Broker, Electrician or Plumber, you should consider having access to an outsourced “HR department on tap” as a realistic and cost-effective priority for your organisation. Simply turn it on and off as required, in line with your specific HR needs.

What should your business focus on as a bare minimum from an HR perspective? 

If you do nothing else from an HR perspective for your business, you should as a bare minimum ensure that: 

  • Your organisation has legislatively compliant staff employment contracts that align to current Fair Work requirements and National Employment Standards. 
  • Your organisation has a set of comprehensive core HR policies to mitigate workplace risks such as bullying, harassment and discrimination. 
  • Your organisation has a clear set of position descriptions to ensure role clarity and team effectiveness. 
  • Your organisation has a simple yet effective process to manage, appraise and reward the performance of your most important asset, your staff. 

Management guru Peter Drucker says that “management is doing things right, (whereas) leadership is doing the right things”. Heed the lessons of successful leaders by doing the right thing for your organisation. Prioritise the strengthening of your HR practices for long-term success.

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