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Accountants, Lawyers and Part IVA - Guidelines on when the ATO...

The ATO has finalised its guidelines on how it will assess the risk of Part IVA applying to...

Part IVA and Everett assignments - Revised ATO view

The ATO now considers that Part IVA is capable of application to Everett assignments

Employee share schemes - Changes start today

Amendments to the taxation of employee share schemes apply from today


Investment week in review - 6 July 2015


Given the tumultuous events in Greece over the weekend we have dedicated...

Investment week in review - 29 June 2015

Laptop screen

A weekly summary of the markets from the Pitcher Partners Investment...

New Metropolitan Planning Levy commences next week

Melbourne’s new Metropolitan Planning Levy (MPL) will come into effect on...


The shift to agile projects

The opportunities and realities.

Government to reduce the R&D offset

R&D - Government to reduce the R&D offset by 1.5% with effect from 1 July 2014.

Legally enforceable Food and Grocery Industry Code of Conduct...

On the 3rd of March 2015 the Food and Grocery Industry Code of Conduct was declared to be...

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Managing Principal - Accounting and Business Advisory

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Iconic Australian brand, Sabco, has been producing and distributing cleaning products since 1892, with its products found in major retailers...

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Country Road


Country Road is Australia’s first lifestyle brand with its international head office located in Richmond, Melbourne...

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Disability Services


A disability services provider approached Pitcher Partners to undertake a tender process to select a new scalable...

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@PitcherPartner Why the Greek crisis means you may need to review assets in overseas SMSFs http://t.co/iz1s0dJTXW